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People don’t resist change, they resist being changed. When developing and introducing changes to people and communities, your chance of success improves when you engage stakeholders in meaningful ways. This module addresses how to think about who stakeholders are, when their involvement matters, and how to get their engagement.

How to Use this Module

This short video describes how to use this module. This module is organized in nine sections. Each section includes from a paragraph to a page or two of reading. The text is meant to be used along with active learning, and includes links to:

  • Handouts with additional information
  • Worksheets for practice assignments
  • Short videos expanding on the written content

    Click on the items below to read more detail and to link to your own ideas and context. Completed worksheets can be compiled to become a record of your own thinking, practice and application. Your work creates the basis for a practical stakeholder engagement plan.

    Examples from Demonstration Sites