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Meetings are where collaboration happens. This module is about the structure and methods of meetings that elicit participation and collaboration among Linking Systems of Care stakeholders. It provides fundamental concepts, tools, guidance for using the tools, and illustrations of good meeting design.

How to Use this Module

This short video describes how to use this module. This module is organized in nine sections which are designed to be used in sequence as the material builds on what comes before. Each section includes from a paragraph to a page or two of reading. This text is meant to be used in concert with active learning, and includes links to additional components:

  • Handouts with additional information
  • Worksheets for practice assignments
  • Short videos expanding on the written content

Click on the items below to read more details and to link to the stakeholder group’s ideas and context. Completed worksheets, compiled and saved, become a record of project process, practice, and application. This active practice is what engages Linking Systems of Care coordinators and leads to real learning as well as in a well-designed meeting.